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As you may have noticed (or maybe not!), I've fallen off the blogging bandwagon again. Kind of on purpose and kind of not.... life hasn't been super busy, just a little different. Brandon has a new work schedule that we're trying to get used to and I'm trying (very slowly) to re-brand this blog and my shop... so I just haven't felt like blogging here. But I wanted to pop in and say hello... and share some photos that didn't make it to instagram... ;)

Random Thoughts....

 beach photo by creative index

.... that are more like complaints! haha

+ Has the the weather been really crappy where you live too? Because it really sucks here. In the four years living here, this has been the coldest, rainiest, gloomiest Spring... and it's really bumming me out! We've had one "real" beach day (hence the pretty photo above) and it's even to chilly/rainy to keep the windows open very long. I love when the cool breeze comes through the windows because soon we're gonna be stuck with the A/C running 24/7......

+ I'm tired of doing the dishes! Not just tired of it... I really HATE it! We don't have a dishwasher, so I wash every single dish and after 4 years, I'm SO over it. You don't really realize how many dishes you use throughout the day... and that's why I don't bake as much as I'd like. I don't want any extra dishes! And getting Brandon to help is like pulling teeth - plus I usually just have to re-wash them anyways. So gross!

Strawberry Picking

 strawberry picking | creative index blog

Last week we ventured up to Virginia and went Strawberry picking! It's one of my favorite things to do in the Spring. There is just something about those sweet berries straight off the vine! Brandon was off and it wasn't raining (finally!) so we hit up our favorite little farm in Chesapeake, Brookedale, and picked away.....

Dream Big and Work Hard!

dream big and work hard quote by creative index blog

Dream big. Work hard. Make it happen.... These simple words have been on my mind a lot lately.

Even though I have the dreams/vision, the making it happen part, I've been slacking with. To be honest, I've just been lazy. This blog, my design work, my shop... are not exactly where I want them to be. (I guess I can throw in eating healthy and working out! Totally fell off the wagon there too!) You get out of life what you put in and I need to stop making excuses and be more proactive. You aren't going to see any results if you don't put in the effort. A few weeks back when I worked with Marigold + Mars on some of her branding, it really lit a fire inside and I don't want it to fade.....

Here's to a new week and working towards our goals- whatever they are!! Time to believe in ourselves, not be afraid of change or mistakes and stay focused on the bigger picture!

Let's do this!

According To My iPhone // Frederick, MD

photo by creative index blog
photo by creative index blog


Brandon and I ended up taking a little trip to Frederick, Maryland to visit his sister and it was a really great weekend! Honestly, we've both been in a funk lately and this little getaway was just what we needed. Visiting family and having a change of scenery does the soul good! We had originally planned on going to Charleston with my sister, but it kind of fell through and since Brandon had the days off and it's been over a year since we've been to Maryland, we decided why not?!

FREEBIE // Tutti Fruiti Phone Wallpaper

 Free Fruit Phone Wallpaper Background by Creative Index

Happy Friday, guys! Remember the fruity doodles I shared on instagram a few weeks back? Well, I decided to turn them into a fun freebie for you! :) Since the weather has been so perfect and that it's practically May (!!!), I was feeling all Summer-y and played around with some brighter colors for this download! I just love the contrast of the black drawings on the colorful background! So fun for Spring/Summer!
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