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I've been obsessed with those zinc letters from Anthro ever since I laid my pretty little brown eyes on them. But at almost $20 bucks a pop, they are a bit out of my price range.

I really wanted to fill in an empty space above our stove, and with family coming into town this week, I made my way to the craft store for some supplies and I made my own.

anthro inspired letters by creative index

Want to make them yourself? Here's what you need to do.... it's EASY!

You'll need:
// black acrylic paint
// metallic (or pearl) paint (i like martha stewart)
// paper mache letters
// sponge brushes

First, paint the letters all black and let them dry completely. Then brush on the metallic paint using long stokes. The silver coat will give the letters a textured look and the matte finish.  Let them dry and hang wherever you want! (They're so lightweight, I just used a little masking tape!)

anthro inspired letters by creative index
anthro inspired letters by creative index

And there ya have it! I L-O-V-E them! They really help to update this outdated kitchen! (one of the downfalls to renting! :-/)
Now I want to make a J and an ampersand for my office!

What do you think? Would you DIY them? Or do you prefer the originals?

And yes, I know there are lots of tutorials floating around Pinterest, but I wanted to share another one! Hope you don't mind! ;)


  1. I love to share with you this love for bold lettering around the house.

    Great Work.

    It looks lovely and fun in your wall, exactly how a kitchen should. I see nothing wrong with it, but I'll trust your outdated remark ;). But I concede that the letters kicked the fun of it...

    I might DIY because they are even costier for me as they'd have to send it. And I have this tiny space in the wall - between two frames holding old recipe books - that would love that...

    Thank you for sharing,

  2. What a great project! It turned out great :)

  3. I would definitely DIY, I think they look great--- and seriously probably much less expensive :)

    Great job and thanks for sharing, I think when we move this fall I'll do something similar!

    and I'm loving your blog-- I love the clean, non cluttery layout. it's refreshing.

  4. Ooh I've been meaning to try this DIY! Your letters look fab in the kitchen!

  5. Wow! They look great. Such a fun update :)) I'm thinking of doing this in an M for my bedroom. Great job!!

  6. Wow! Great job on this... it definitely adds a little something to a kitchen. :)
    Thank you so much for leaving me a comment on my blog!
    Have a wonderful week!

  7. Gosh I love how they turned out!!

    I have L-O-V-E letters painted black, I think I know what to do with them ;)

  8. I love these! you did a great job!

  9. that turned out super cute! i'd make it myself too- who needs to shell out 60 bucks

  10. They are looking great. I can't wait to move and do our new place up.

  11. such a cute an easy diy!! What if you made one that said chocolate or something? haha i'd love it!

  12. This looks great! I have been wanting to do these! Thanks for the easy tutorial now I know exactly what to get. :)

  13. Where did you buy the paper mâché letters? I can't find them at hobby lobby or Michaels!

  14. Kati: I got mine from JoAnn's. Did you try online? I saw them on Hobby Lobby's and JoAnn's site before...
    Good luck! Hope you find them! :)

  15. These are great!!!! and top up the kitchen, which is so nice

  16. I use a die cutting machine and SVGcuts file for the letters. But first, I have to cut them out and put them together. What a great idea!


    Carmen L

  17. Where did you get your adorable kitchen towels?

    1. I got them a few years ago, but they are from Target!


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