happy friday!

Another week has flown by... For me, this past week has been busy... but productive! My friend Kristen and I have been working hard to get our business and website in order... I'll keep you posted on our progress! :-)

Now onto the weekend! Which goes a little something like this: meetings, a trip to joann's, groceries, laundry, blah, blah, blah...

How about a few links to help you through the weekend:

:: the jan/feb issue of Lonny is out!

:: have some fun! get involved in a valentine's swap! i did!!

:: thinking about a kitchen remodel? read this.

:: get inspired to beautify your bookshelves.

:: loving this simple ponytail twist... just need to figure out how to do it!

Now, the exciting news... what you've all been waiting for...

Thanks to everyone who entered!! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!
See you Monday! :-)

(photo from catherine nunnally)


  1. happy weekend!!! congrats to those lovely winners :)

  2. ohmygosh I LOVE this photo! It's almost sunshine-ing hearts! Is that possible? haha totally possible right!? <3

    sooo excited I won ohmygosh! Today is looking better already! =) Thanks love!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  3. I love that pony tail! I'm going to try to master it (: Happy weekend, friend!!

  4. I'm loving that ponytail twist! Hope you had a great wkend!

    great blog,

    Annina of www.cinchedatthewaist.com


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