new starbucks logo... what do you think?

Starbucks unveiled its new logo this past Wednesday to mark the company’s 40th anniversary. The new mark drops the name, and gives the iconic Siren a few subtle updates. People either love it or hate it, and many believe the wordless logo is better, since they are expanding beyond coffee and into international markets.

I on the other hand, really enjoyed the previous version. I feel like something is missing without the type, and I also liked the contrast of the black center. To me, it looks a bit unfinished and plain. I don't hate it as much as the GAP disaster, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they change it back.

What do you think of the changes? Do you like the old logo or the new one?
And stay tuned... there may or may not be a giveaway in the near future... :-)

(image from starbucks)


  1. I like it, I feel like they are a brand now and don't need the text for people to know who they are. Kind of like the Target logo. I do however completely agree with you on the Gap disaster!

  2. I agree, it think it looks unfinished. A bit too plain.

  3. i saw this on msn last week but i totally agree - i miss the print!

  4. definitely a fan of the older logo.

  5. I like the old logo better. I don't understand why they would want to change it up. People already identify the old logo with Starbucks. No sense in confusing their customers

  6. It does look a little plain. I received a blog award and am passing it on to you. I saw someone else already gave you the same one, but I still listed your blog in my post anyways!

  7. the logo looks like a mermaid with fish hands... ugh!

    I like my at-home coffee! lol

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  8. I cant decide yet. I do like the new logo. But totally with you on the GAP disaster. They need to rethink their branding group.

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