happy friday!

Where is the time going?! Another week has flown by! Got anything fun planned for the weekend??
My plans include grocery shopping, cleaning out my closet, and the blog re-design!

Have any thoughts/suggestions on it so far? Is the background too busy? Is the header too plain?? What about accent colors?? These are the questions that keep popping in my head... so we'll see where we end up...

How about a few links to help you through the weekend:

If I had a
bathtub like this, I would never get out of it.

An Audrey Hepburn
children's book -- so cute!!

Swooning over Anthropologie’s upcoming
bridal collection.

DVF for your
table? Yes, Please!

Enjoy your weekend! :-)

(image from life through the lens)


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  2. Thank you so much for the lovely links! I can't wait for Anthro's bridal collection either. Makes me wish I could get married all over again. Luckily I'm helping my friend plan her wedding :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Happy Friday to you too! Thanks for the awesome links - I know, right? That BHLDN seriously makes me want to get married again! Oh, and those bathtubs are to die for!

  4. Cute picture! I Hope you have a fabulous weekend!! And I agree- time is flying by this month

  5. i like your blog:)
    visit mine

  6. i love the background! looks great. aren't the anthro dresses amazing?! love them :)

  7. Awww I love the Audrey book for kids!!! I am obsessed with DVF. Thanks for sharing these! Hope you're having a fabulous weekend! xo

  8. can't wait to see your completed blog! sounds like you're in for a productive weekend! XO,Ashley


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