vintage vogue

I can't get over these vintage magazine covers!! Clean and simple, such a stark contrast to what's
on the shelves today. They are like little pieces of art... I just want to frame them and hang them up somewhere...

Do you think the editors of magazines ever consider going retro, even for just one issue?

(images from conde nast and my vintage vogue)


  1. I think they should go back this style! I absolutely love it. Less is more and far more eye catching! :-)

  2. i absolutely adore these images, no photo shop in sight, amazing x

  3. i have always loved the bottom left one - i almost bought this in gi-hugic size once! beautiful!

  4. Oh my gosh - I love these! Gorgeous!


  5. oh it would be wonderful if they did...

  6. I go weak in the knees for clean and stylish covers! And these are absolutely beautiful. I really think they should consider going retro. and retaining the minimalistic style. :)

    Oh, and I'm hosting my very first giveaway! Do pop by and join in the fun! :) x

  7. Oh I agree, these are awesome! I love this vintage look. I would totally frame these for my wall!

  8. Those would be so killer framed and hung in a home office!

  9. I have a couple vintage Vogue magazines that I want to frame. I love how clean they all are! Lovely post, as always!


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