goodbye, sweets!

Today is Ash Wednesday, which means the beginning of Lent.
I, being the good Catholic girl that I am ; ) try to follow suit and sacrifice something from now
until Easter.

This year I've decided to give up junk food and sweets.

(since I have a huge sweet tooth!!)

So wish me luck my friends, as this is definitely going to be a challenge!! : )

Do any of you honor Lent?? If so, what are you giving up?

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  1. Lent always sneaks up on me! I need to figure something out quick!


  2. eeek, that sounds so hard!! i haven't thought of something yet...hopefully i will today :)

  3. Good luck! If you get a craving you should try that dessert gum. I really like the key lime pie flavor!

  4. This post kind of made me excited because now I have a blogger bud who is doing the same thing for Lent as me! I am giving up sweets because its the only thing that I really know will be a daily sacrifice. My husband is doing it with me to encourage eachother thank goodness.
    I am also going to give up complaining:) That will be even tougher! I hope that by Easter my heart will be refreshed and renewed.

  5. ooooooooooooh your blog is pretttttyyyyyy. how have i not been here before? craziness. this ends now. the me not being here thing.

    and i have already given up sun and fast food since moving to england. so im just gonna stick with that. i think thats fair.

  6. Good luck! I need to figure out what to give up too! Maybe sweets (that'll be tough) and/or diet coke!

  7. Oh my gosh...sweets??? AHHHHHHH!! Good luck! I'd cave, day one. I'm weak.


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