retail therapy

Clearly Urban Outfitters Inc. is not concerned about my savings account... how am I supposed to
save, when you have so many cute things?!

With warmer weather on the way I’ve got the urge to add some of these fun and feminine pieces to my wardrobe... I hope my future children will understand and take care of me, due to my lack of financial responsibility in my younger years!! : )


  1. ok, i totally need some white pants now! the temptation is everywhere :)

  2. I love the dresses! I must control the urge to shop now. haha

  3. I have the same problem. The only thing that saves me is the cold weather. I can't wear any of those Spring looks until about...July ;)

  4. Two of my very favorite stores. Last week I got a shirt at Free People for only 19.99! AH best day ever. Love these pictures, girl!

  5. i LOVE anthropologie and free people, especially their spring collections. so gorgeous. :)

    SWEATshirt DRESSshirt

  6. oh my goodness. they just get it right every time. These are such chic and comfortable looks for spring.

  7. Oh Anthro. How I love you. Seriously spend probably 2 days a week in their store. Just looking. Ugh so expensive!!! xo

  8. Haha so true!!! Anthro coupons? Anyone?
    Darling blog:)

  9. Oh loveeee. And I don't know about Free People?? They don't have that store here in Gaw-ja! I. want. that. white. top.

  10. hi jessica!

    i've just found you through anna's IHOD blogroll and adore your beauteous space tons.

    i didn't see the design before but am loving what you have up now, great job; so clean and a completely harmonious experience to navigate through.

    oh gosh, anthro has my heart and soul wound up in glorious knots. can't wait till their Vancouver store opens this Spring. i'm sure the line ups will be around the block. thanks for sharing what i have to look forward to, pocket jingly has to increase soon so i can make a run over there ; )

    have a super rest of the weekend and week ahead. ♥

  11. the top right look was my favorite in the catalog


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