the abc's of me!


Sorry for the lack of/lame posts lately! Can I blame it on the weather?? Between that and my computer issues, I haven't been feeling very inspired....

Anyways, I've seen this ABC thing on a couple blogs, so I thought do it and embarrass myself a little...

Age: 25
Bed Size: queen
Chore you hate: vacuuming & folding clothes
Dogs: oui! a cockapoo named bosco <3
Essential start of your day: kiss from the hubs, and a cup of coffee or tea
Favorite Color: this is hard... i can't pick just one...
Gold or silver: both... but right now i'm loving gold
Height: 5' 3", yes i'm short!
Instruments (you play or have played): piano, when i was younger
Job Title: professional sleeper, blogger, and mom to a furry child
Kids: just my fur baby... for now.. def have the baby itch! ;-)
Live: buffalo, ny
Mom's name: yvonne
Nickname: jess... or jessie (but only my fam and lil' cousins call me that)
Overnight hospital stays: none! so i guess i'm pretty healthy
Pet Peeve: slow walkers, no turn signals, chewing with your mouth open.. the list goes on and on
Quote: action is the foundational key to all success. - picasso
Right or left handed: right handed, but i've always wanted to be left-handed haha
Siblings: one younger sista, courtney
ime you wake up: umm, usually between 8 or 9...
Underwear: none... duh! KIDDING, yes I wear underwear! Is that really the question?!
Vegetables you dislike: squash, brussels sprouts
What makes you run late: lost keys, or the hubs... i'm always waiting for him! haha
Xrays you've had: teeth... does that count?
Yummy food you make: chicken, mac 'n cheese, pancakes
Zoo animal: bosco! : )

I hope you enjoyed the randomness. :-)

Have a great Wednesday! xo

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  1. Love posts like this! Thx for sharing! :)

  2. i enjoyed your randomness! its nice getting to know people out in the blog world a bit more!

  3. This is so stinking cute! I love all of your answers they are awesome! I really want to do this too!

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  4. Um...more Bosco photos please!

  5. YAY! Loved learning more about you!! I want to see more Bosco too! :)

  6. You're too cute! Love the 'professional sleeper'!!! :)
    xo! Lauren @ tickled.

  7. Not lame at all! Loved reading this!
    A great way to get to know you:)

  8. this was fun!! we share pet peeves...why can't people just get it?! :)

  9. This is so fun! Loved learning more about you. xo

  10. So cute! Your pup sounds adorable!

  11. Love these ABC's...what a fun little post (not embarrassing at fact, interesting!!!!! :)).

    I always say that I could be a professional sleeper, so to see someone else claim my job description was really fun :)

    xx Cat brideblu

  12. Love the randomness. Found your blog and love it. Thanks for the smile


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