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Good Morning!! Monday is here again.... how come weekends never seem long enough?? And can you believe it's almost Easter already?! (Honestly, I can't! This year is just flying by!!) Since mother nature refuses to cooperate (it feels like late Fall/early Winter here!), I think I need to pick up some flowers so I can at least have touches of Spring around the house! : )

PS: To all the ladies that signed up for the I Heart Accessories swap, I'm setting up a link-up later!! So check it out and link up!! I would love to see all the fun things you got!

(image from
martha stewart)


  1. it's hard to believe the year is flying by so quickly. fresh flowers are always the right choice :)

  2. Aghhh I wish my year was going by even quicker, I graduate in August and it seems so far away!

  3. Jess, I think more than fresh flowers are in order... maybe a pedicure/spa day or something along those lines... lol this snow needs to go away!

  4. Cute pic! I can't believe it's even April.


  5. I love that picture! Such a good idea! Easter has come SO fast. I am so not prepared! Have a great weekend friend! xo

  6. gorgeous spring flowers to brighten up your day.


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