DIY: super sweet popsicle invitations


Hello, Lovelies! Happy Monday!! How was your weekend? It's been H-O-T here in Buffalo and I spent the weekend relaxing at the beach! :)

As I was browsing through Martha Stewart earlier, I stumbled across the sweetest DIY invitations. These retro-looking ice pops are sure to conjure some sweet flashbacks -- and definitely set the tone for an awesome summer party!

For all the details, head on over to Martha Stewart.

(image via martha stewart)


  1. those are super cute!!
    its soo hot here too! i'm so glad to be home from work and in the air conditioning!

  2. love them! they are adorable!

    P.S. I should have came to visit you at the beach this weekend!

  3. how fun! makes me want to throw a party :)

  4. So cute! Maybe I'll make them for our housewarming party! Hmmm.
    Love, Leigh

  5. Probably the cutest invite I've seen in a long time. Adore them!

  6. These are the "sweetest" :)

    ♥ Cat brideblu

  7. these are literally too cute for words!!

  8. well i'd like to send you one of those as a love note and in it i'd write....


    you make days bright with delight!

    honestly and forever,
    Lynn xo"

    it's SO true!!! and i just can't get over how incredible your blog design talent is, sky rocketing radness. most honored to be among those other swell peeps on your sidebar!

    hope all's well lades, i know you've been crazy busy but also hope you've made time out for enjoyables too. loved the comment fest you left for me to squeal over! thank you for the wishes about my Mom, means a bunch! xoox


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