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I recently finished a new blog design for Cheryl from Creative Party Ideas. Cheryl contacted me a few weeks back and asked if I would be interested in helping give her blog and twitter page a little makeover. She wanted something a little more modern, but still fun and inviting. So out with the old "scrapbook" look and in with a lighter, more simple layout! Click here to visit Cheryl's blog and take a closer look. Enjoy!


  1. So pretty! Great job. And I love her blog!

  2. great job, so simple and classy!

  3. Cute! I love simple and bright, clean layouts! You did a great job!

  4. Thank you Creative Index! Jessica is amazing, fast and super talented. She has great style and super professional. I love all her special details.

    Also, thank you "Creative Index friends" for all your sweet comments, please join my site as well....


  5. Great job! I love the light colors! I think the color white makes everything look so clean!

  6. Jessica, you did such a beautiful job on that blog! I LOVE the clean simplicity of it; very aestheically pleasing!

    I had some time to peruse your blog tonight and I really love it! I can't believe I haven't spent more time over here before (shame on me); I *love* your Art & Design category. I came across the post about Sabrina Ward Harrison and I almost jumped out of my seat; I LOVE that artist! I bought her books "Spilling Open" and "Brave on the Rocks" years ago and just fell in love with her work. So honest and raw and pure.

    I am working on some new art pieces and products for my Etsy shop and would love to talk with you about maybe partnering for a giveaway in the future (assuming you think it is a good fit for your blog!). I'll send you an email this week with some information and hopefully we can chat!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Jessica, it's beautiful!!! i adore the darling bunting topper, color story and typeface selections. grand job lades, Cheryl must be over the moon with thrill vibrations about it all! everything you touch is golden, your blog design is a perfect example of that too. i love all the latest looks you've transformed your space with. happy week to you! ♥

  8. What a beautiful job you did on Cheryl's blog! I love the simplicity and, for lack of a better word, "cleanness" of the design. It really allows the content of her blog to shine through :)


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