february goals

Whoa. It’s February already!? So, a new month means new goals!
Here's a few things I'd like to accomplish in the upcoming weeks...

- Try and disconnect from the computer at a reasonable hour.
- Keep my email inbox in check. It's getting pretty ridiculous.
- Work-out 1-2 times a week. Baby steps people!
- Drink less coffee. This one's going to be a toughie.
- Save money instead of spend money!!

Let’s hear about your goals for February... I’d love to know what things you'll be aiming for this month! And can someone please tell me where January went?!

PS: I realize that photo really has nothing to do with this post... I just thought it was pretty! ;)

(image via style me pretty/mi belle inc.)


  1. I have NO idea where January went. Perhaps swallowed up in the three weeks I've had this wretched cold. Good luck with the coffee one! That would be hard for me too! and I'm also aiming to spend less money, save more, craft more, read more, and enjoy more. :) Happy Wednesday!

  2. I'm also trying to work out more and save money! oy. wish us luck.


  3. love these little monthly goals..it's less overwhelming! and yes...what happened to January?!

  4. Those shoes are so pretty! And I'm with you about signing off the computer at a reasonable hour and reading before bed...also keeping my email in check! It's gotten SO out of control!

  5. I never thought to do monthly goals, great idea! Staying up on the computer and spending money sounds just like me : )

  6. This month I really want to work on shutting the computer off by 8pm {as I write this it has just gone midnight, so I'm already failing, but like you said--Baby Steps!!}

  7. Ditto ditto for all of your goals this month!! Baby steps :) :) :)
    Love, Leigh

  8. I adore the shoes! I have no idea where January went either. I too am trying to not spend as much time on the computer, especially in the evenings. It's just so hard to do! Like you said, baby steps!

  9. 1. yes, that photo is so SO PRETTY!
    2. Glad January just went by like a flash (getting closer to my R&R)
    3. I just have so it again, love your new look ;)

  10. i feel like our goals are pretty much along the same line, except i don't really have an inbox problem right now :)
    but the coffee is a biggie for me right now! i've been so busy and drinking so much of it, its ridiculous! i need to cut it back!

  11. totally with you on all those goals...I should tweet/comment you when I get weak.

  12. i really like this list of goals! not too unattainable! (though, the coffee part may be a bit difficult over here in the land of espresso. :) xo, marissa

  13. Love that you are doing this every month, much more manageable! I might have to jump on the bandwagon :-)


  14. good luck! It helps me to save by immediately putting some away in my savings account. I know it's easy to just move it back, but something about doing that really helps me!

  15. I love the start of a new month to re-check goals. These all sound similar to mine! LOL!
    Best of luck! <3
    P.s. just saw another one of your site designs yesterday. Amazing!

  16. So pretty!! The perfect flat!

    ox from NYC!


  17. Great goals. I'm on board with trying to save money and disconnect from the comp. at a decent hour-also going to try to turn off the TV more often (as often as possible!). Have a great weekend :)

  18. I definitely need to follow the working out and saving money goals!


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