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Happy Monday, friends! What did you think of the Super Bowl?

I really didn't care for the halftime show. I know Madonna might be a "legend" and all, but I wasn't a fan.... I liked most of the commercials and more importantly, the Patriots LOST!! :) I am and always will be Bills fan, but I was definitely hoping for a Giants win! So, I thought it was only appropriate that I celebrate with a Giants themed outfit. :)

What do you think of the items I picked? Would you wear it?
Did you watch the Super Bowl? Did you like the halftime show?

Hope you all have a great start to your week! xo


  1. i love those blue pants! they're gorgeous!

    drop by allister bee soon!

  2. i love this look! and PS: how good was that Half TIme Show???!

    xxo- vanessa (the gal)

  3. I Love the look!

    Just think you should strout it somewhere else ahahah but then I'm not American ;).

    I was curious about the result but merely due to curiosity. I love the hype that surrounds the event (everyone sharing recipes, decor, nice outfits ;)).
    I still have to watch the clips but not being a Madonna fan and from the pictures I saw I hope it looked better on Stadium and on your Tv's :teresastillnotreadyforCarnival:

    Wishing you a wonderful week,

  4. That's a very stylish superbowl outfit! I suppose you'll be shocked to know I didn't watch. Yes, shocking I know. :)

  5. amazing! love those shoes + necklace.

  6. I would wear all of this! Love the bag...

    I had the game on, but only really watched the commercials. I didn't get excited about the halftime show until she started singing Like A Prayer. Love that song...

  7. That bag is gorgeous!!!!

    I really liked the show, I'm a fan though. And I was cheering for the Patriots, so it was sad for me :-(


    Happy week! :)

  8. GORGEOUS!! love it! I want a pair of cobalt jeans so badly!!

  9. man I need some blue jeans already.

    I thought the half time show was pretty good. I know she was lip synching, but it was so much better than last year's. And more than her, I liked all of the effects they did.

  10. So cute. Must.Have.Those.Pants! :)

  11. love this outfit! and i love your new blog design! so dang cute!

  12. I like! This outfit is so out of my element with the colored jeans but I would want to wear it! haha.

  13. what a happy outfit! so bright and bubbly, so cool and swagger inducing. honestly i was only turning the teevz on to see that halftime show, but agreed, it was ahhhhhhhhhhllllllllll-right. actually prefer your outfit arrangement : ) but yes, the commercials were hilarious fun. xo ♥

  14. I'm currently wearing that exact Butter color right now :) Obsessed. And those blue pants? Yes please.


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