try five: festive holiday cocktails

holiday cocktails
Holiday cheer in a glass!

If you're looking for a fun and festive cocktail, I'm sure any one of these will have your guests overjoyed with delight!

Don't they look tasty? What's your favorite Holiday drink?

Have a try: Candy Cane Martini // Eggnog Martini // Winter Sun Cocktail // Merry Cranberry Margarita // Pomegranate Vanilla Sangria


  1. Ok I don't even drink (very little), and I'm drooling, I think I'm going to give 3 and 4 a try (I like fruity cocktails!) ;)

  2. Those all look so goooooood!! I WILL be making that margarita asap!!

  3. These are seriously all amazing. Candy Cane martini? Yes please!

  4. One of each, please (and maybe two of the winter sun cocktails.) ;)

  5. Cranberry margaritas sound AMAZING!

  6. What a great roundup of cocktails! I want to try them all!

  7. I love your blog!!! thanks for the freebie Christmas tag downloads below! ;)

  8. Such great ideas. I shared this on my Facebook page:


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