what's good at trader joe's?

I've never been there (they didn't have a location in Buffalo), but since moving to NC, I was excited to learn that there's a Trader Joe's just an hour away! I'm planning on venturing out there one of these days, but I wanted to know if it's worth all the hype?

So I need your help! What do I need to cart home with me? Or should I not waste my time?

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beautiful blooms

Okay, how completely gorgeous are these photos? I am in LOVE with the work of artist/photograher Kari Herer. Anything involving flowers usually wins me over, but I think it's the way she presents them is what has me smitten.

They're just so feminine and whimsical... and stunning! You can view more loveliness here.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend! Ours was nice and very low key... it was a little bittersweet because it was our first holiday away from all our family and friends. :( So I think a roadtrip back home will be in order for any other major holidays! ;)

(images via kari herer)

hello there

creative index

Just wanted to pop in and say hi for the first time in FOREVER!! I totally went MIA this past month, and to be honest, I kind of enjoyed the unexpected break. I unplugged (somewhat) because we moved to NC, have been enjoying the absolutely gorgeous weather and I've been trying to catch up on design work...

I feel like I've missed so much though! How have you all been? What have you been up too? I've got some major catching up to do! :)

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