Artist Love: Sara Singh

Hello, hello! Hope you had a fantastic weekend! Let's start the week off with some beautiful illustrations.
Right now, I'm obsessing over illustrator Sara Singh. Isn't her work wonderful? I love her mix of ink lines and blending of watercolors.

See more of her gorgeous work here.

Image Source | Sara Singh

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Also, if you have a minute, could you please take this little survey. I want to make Creative Index even better in 2013 and would love to get your input!! Pretty please, with a cherry on top! ;)


  1. Such a unique artist! Love the whole watercolor look! Amazing. Thanks for sharing girl!

  2. Beautiful work! They are so delicate, yet bold at the same time. P.S I took the survey - what a great idea :)

  3. Your blog design is INSANE!!! I love it SO SO SO MUCHO!!! xo

  4. Absolutely beautiful! I love the colors..watercolors are one of my faves.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. Your blog is follower.


  5. these are so awesome..nothing i love more than fashion illustrations. and the watercolor gives them an even more edgy/ whimsical feel!

  6. Just want to stop by and introduce myself. I really love your blog and the design/layout is phenomenal. Looking forward to following you this year. I'm such a fan of these illustrations! Watercolor is one of favorite mediums and taking an introductory painting class is on my list of things to try in 2013. Thanks for the lovely inspiration!

  7. Love her work! That last piece is amaze!



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