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Hi everyone! Today I'd like to introduce on of my favorite blogger's, Erica from Caught on a Whim. I'm a big fan of her
DIYs and I've invited Erica to share one of her projects with you today...

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Hi guys! I'm Erica and I blog over at Caught On A Whim. I'm a girl who loves DIYs, and I'm excited Jessica asked me to share this fun and cozy project with you today.

Winter is here and... brrrrrrr... it's chilly out there. Just because you're putting on bulky layers for warmth doesn't mean you can't still be cute. Dressing up a pair of mittens is the perfect way to add some style to your winter wardrobe. Ready to make your own embellished mittens?

Stuff you'll need:
+ Baubles
+ Mittens
+ Needle and thread

Any type of bead will do. I chose pearls, because they remind me of snowballs, which is perfect for the season.
Next, sew your beads onto your mittens in a random pattern.

Now, you'll have some fancy mittens to keep your hands warm this winter.

If you liked this sweet little project, be sure to drop by my DIY Gallery for lots of more fun crafty ideas. Thanks so much
for having me Jessica!

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Erica, thanks for stopping by today! I really enjoyed having you here!

Now head on over and say hello to Erica! Make sure to check out her project gallery for more DIYs! :)


  1. Thanks for having me, Jessica! :)

  2. I am definitely going to try this. Thanks :)

    Rachael xx.

  3. I would never have thought to do this! So cute Erica!

  4. What a cute way to glam up your gloves! Really like it, I would never have thought of doing it!

  5. Yet another brillant DIY! So cute, Erica!

  6. So cute & easy - I have so many plain ol' gloves that could use some jazzing up. Love it!!

  7. So pretty! I love how the pearls are of varying sizes. Erica always has the best DIY projects!

  8. Again a wonderful DIY Erica! If only my gloves were as cute as yours ;) It is snowing now in The Netherlands!

  9. This is a great DIY! Love the simplicity of it, and it still looks fabulous!

  10. so pretty in the winter time :)

  11. Those are ADORABLE!!! I love the pearls! :)

  12. Erica always has the best DIY's! These mittens are adorable. Anything that's cute AND keeps me warm is A+!


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