Winter Blues

stay positive

Hello there! Remember me?! ;)

So, it's been a while since I last posted! At first it was intentional, mainly because my computer died, but then it turned into a funk. It took a bit longer to get a new computer and honestly, I wasn't feeling that inspired or motivated to blog. Ever feel like that?

I can't say that I'm completely out of said funk, but I'm getting there. I'm trying to stay positive and push through these Winter blues. (Seriously, what is up with this weather? It snowed the other day. NC is not supposed to get snow!) As you can see, I gave the blog a little Spring makeover. It still needs a few tweaks, but I so super happy with the new look.  I've also been working on a few other blog designs and I can't wait to share those in the coming weeks! :)

How have you guys been? Anything new and exciting going on? Are you looking forward to the warming temps as much as I am? Spring needs to get here ASAP!


  1. yay! welcome back! i love the new design. so very clean!

  2. Aw I love the look! Hope you get some sunshine and warm weather soon!

  3. I LOVE your new design! It's so fresh! (I'm a huge fan of turq/green) I can totally relate, winter in Ottawa has been loooooonnnng and brutal. Just when we thought that we heard the birds chirping last week, a GIANT snow fall dumped all over us. Back to 10 F it was. I can't wait for warm weather, sunshiny days and long (not so freezing) walks/runs outside. Like you, I've taken the cold days to spend time working on a fresh design for my blog, and making some changes - it's definitely cathartic. Great to have you back!! :)

  4. Sometimes you just need a break. Glad to see you're back and what a fun new look. :)

  5. Welcome back! Hope you had a good time away to relax!

  6. Love that you are back...and it's okay to take a break, we all need it once in a while.

  7. Welcome back Jessica! I was wondering where you were :) I totally understand about being in a rut - sometimes a break is needed. Also, I'm in LOVE with this new layout!


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