Buy a Cup for a Cop (or firefighter, first responder...)

Buy a Cup for a Cop from Somewhere Splendid.

I absolutely love this idea! I wish I would've thought of it myself!

I personally have a lot of police officers in my life (my husband, 2 uncles and a handful of friends) and I know that it's tough (sometimes scary) job. It definitely feels like a thankless job at times... no one likes cops, until they need one for something serious. It's a job that involves long hours and lots of sacrifice, not only for them, but also for their families. Everyday they put their lives on the line and the least we can do is say THANK YOU and buy them a cup of coffee.

Head on over to Somewhere Splendid for a free printable giftcard sleeve. Simply slip a gift card loaded with enough money to purchase a cup into the sleeve and give to the first officer/firefighter you see. So easy and so thoughtful!

Come on people, let's spread the word! Let's encourage more people to join in. If you have a blog, post a note about it. If you’ve bought a cup of coffee for someone, tweet or instagram it with the hashtag  #cupsforcops – share your gift card photos, too!

Thanks Maddy for coming up with this amazing idea!
And a big thank you to all cops, fire fighters, or first responders (and their families) for all that they do!

image via: somewhere splendid 


  1. This is a fabulous idea!! I am sooo thankful for those first responders and law enforcement.

  2. This is a fabulous idea, I wish something like this existed in the UK. I know that in Poland (where I'm from) people started buying a 'suspended' coffee - you buy one for yourself and one for someone who may need it later (for example a poor or a homeless person). I think it's amazing, I might actually start doing it from time to time here in London!


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