For some reason, I've been on a blueberry muffin kick. When I spotted this bread, I knew I had to pin-it. Doesn't it look delish? It's going on my "must make soon" list.

This new font I recently downloaded. I just think it's a cute and simple font. And for only $5 bucks, I couldn't resist!

This (removable!) wallpaper. The Hubs doesn't care for it much, but I like it. I would love to use it as an accent wall in my office... if I had one!

looking forward to
The weekend! We're heading up to Pitt for the weekend to help my sister move. Not really looking forward to the "moving" part, but at least I'll get to see my sister and Mom! Plus, Pitt is one of my fave cities, so I'm excited to head up there for a couple days!

What are you currently craving, loving, wanting or looking forward to?

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  1. great list!
    here's mine: craving...peanut butter cookies, I've just baked some new crochet hook, an inexpensive little treat to me!
    wanting....a new mulberry handbag, going to have to 'want' a while longer on that one...
    looking forward sister and brother in law visiting next month!!
    hope the move goes smoothly for your sister!

  2. That bread looks amazing! Now I need to find some blueberries.

    I'm looking forward to mini road trips over the summer.

  3. OMG that bread! Looks so amazing!! Have fun in Pittsburgh this weekend with your mom and sister! Moving is kind of blah, but I think of it as a little work out so I don't have to go on my daily run haha!

  4. Ooooh, that removable wallpaper is so rad! I agree, if I had an office that would make a great statement wall :) Your weekend sounds like fun!

  5. That bread looks awesome
    I could definitely break my diet for that.
    I'm actually craving for a yummy crab sandwich right now.

  6. That IS a cute font! Nice blog following on Bloglovin.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken


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