Inspired Translation #2

inspired translation

Hey, guys! Happy Thursday! Kyla and I are back with the second installment of Inspired Translation.

THE INSPIRATION: I absolutely love the vintage car! And how chic is that lady?

THE QUOTE: Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life. -Omar Khayyam

inspired translation

inspired translation

MY TRANSLATION: I love the old, vintage feel of the photo, but when I started playing around, I really struggled with the color palette. I'm still not sure I totally love it. It started to feel too washed-out/muted, but I think I found a happy medium. I wanted to keep my fonts simple and vintage-y so I went with Limelight and Neutra Display. I also brought in a accent of stripes from the hat and designed the authors name like the license plate.

Want to see how Kyla translated the image? Head on over to Kyla is Inspired and check it out!

Image: Vintage Car


  1. This looks great! I love how we both used that subtle gradient :)

  2. Wow I'm so glad you and Kyla have teamed up because I'm not sure I would have found your blog otherwise. Such beautiful posts. Excuse me for an hour while I dig through it all ha!

    heart, Mel

  3. Love love love!
    This picture and the quote are all so chic and inspirational!


  4. I love this!!! The picture and the quote are oh so lovely!!


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