Downloadable Goodies to Help Animals

 download proceeds help the animals

Seeing animal abuse is seriously one of the saddest things ever. Those ASPCA commercials always get to me! I have so much love for my pup and it makes me so sad that there are animals out there that don't have warm, loving homes and families.

I wanted to spread the word about some downloadable goodies that Corina made and all proceeds will go to the Ark Animal Shelter for food and medicine. I downloaded the note to self and the checklist and love them! Super cute (and affordable) downloads and you're helping a good cause! Win, win if you ask me!

You can visit Corina's blog for more info, or visit her Etsy shop to download your goodies.

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This is the season of giving, so if you can, try and remember our furry friends this Holiday season. Consider making a donation (money, food, treats, toys, cleaning supplies) to your local animal shelter. Every little bit helps!


  1. This is gorgeous! Corina is so talented.

  2. I got the same ones, so beautiful and for a great cause! By the way, I shared today on my blog a link to your beautiful Holiday Tags :) loved the so much!

  3. i got the calendar and I'm so happy I helped these animals just a bit.. Corina is so sweet and as usual she made three beautiful designs!!

  4. Love how you've styled this Jess with the flowers and those cute pens! I downloaded the calendar too and now I'm thinking maybe this too--they are indeed so lovely for such a great cause.

  5. I think that's a fantastic way to give back. Animals can't speak up for themselves so it's up to us to help. On a side note those pens in the photo are adorable, where are they from?


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