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Just another peek at some of the designs that made their debut in the shop earlier this week. I am so proud and excited for this new collection, and I hope these words/designs inspire you every day!

Society6 is offering FREE worldwide shipping on most products (they also have totes, mugs, phone cases) so if you've been eyeing something up, now's the time to grab it! Isn't is great when shops offer free shipping? I know I love it... not sure my wallet does. I always tend to buy more! haha

I hope you all have a fantastic Holiday weekend! We're expecting some rain, but hopefully we can squeeze in some beach time! :)

Whatever you're up too, enjoy! xo


  1. Beautiful!!! LOVE the top right! Did you hand letter, or is that a font? If it is a font, I need to add it to my collection!

    1. Thanks so much, Jamie! It's a font - Melany Lane.... I wish I was good at hand lettering!!

  2. Love the "adventure" one!

    - Christina

  3. i love the bottom left one! have a good three day weekend! hope that rain misses ya and you get lots of sunshine!

  4. I love the "blessed" and "have faith" ones! The neon curly letters in front of graphic black-and-white are just killer! Awesome job :)

  5. I love inspirational prints :)
    your designs are so awesome!


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