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Nothing terribly exciting going on over here. Spring has definitely arrived in NC! And I'm pretty happy about it! The flowers and trees are blooming and everything just looks so nice - bare tree branches be gone! We've had a few days in the 80s already! The days are getting longer and I feel more productive. More walks have been happening and we're all taking time to stop and smell the flowers! ;) How's the weather in your area? Feeling the Springy temps yet?

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Soooo.... I've been in a bit of a design funk lately. I haven't been taking on design projects lately because honestly, I was just kind of over designing blog stuff... especially Blogger templates. I've always been more into branding & print, that's one of the main reasons I started my Society6 shop. A few weeks back, I got an email from the amazingly talented Cristin, from Marigold + Mars. She needed help with some print materials for a little project she was working on and asked if I could help! I was beyond honored and jumped at the chance to help. I'll share more when we're all finished.... Also, how cute is that embroidery hoop?! Can't wait to add it to my gallery wall!

life lately by creative index
Yes, Bosco counts as a person! ;) Celebrating Holidays just aren't the same when you're older, have no family around, don't have kids yet AND your husband has to work. Literally, he has the worst luck! :-/ Holidays around here are all pretty low key and un-eventful. Yeah, I make dinner and try to decorate a little, but it just feels like another regular day. Side note - we are and have been trying to have a baby for a while. It's really hard for me to talk about, but maybe one day I will. All I know is that life is short and the days are going by SO fast... it would be nice to enjoy these special days with people we love.

So what have you been up to lately?


  1. love it all. your floral prints are always catching my eye!

  2. Oh, I loved that embroidery! I'm out to check their site. :)
    I'm glad to see the flowers blooming, but it's still pretty chilly around here... brrr.

  3. I love that Bosco takes the time to sniff flowers! Louie will usually only sniff flowers outside if she senses that another animal marked its territory there. Haha, so unlady-like!

    I'm glad you're collaborating with another talented artist! I can't wait to see the project once it's finished.

    xx, c.


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