happy saturday!

The hubs and I are off to visit my grandma for the day, but first I wanted to share a few goodies I found (and bought!) recently on etsy:

I scored this super cute, eyelet necklace from Anna at In Honor of Design. This is my favorite necklace at the moment!! LOVE IT!

Secondly, I picked up this cute, geometric wristlet from Katie at Made By Hank. The workmanship
is fantastic, and the little details are so special!!

I love supporting such talented and sweet ladies!!


Side Notes:

+ I've finally jumped on the twitter and facebook train... I really don't know what I'm doing yet, but would LOVE for you to follow/like me!! (I don't even have a personal FB page, so it's going to be a learning process...)

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Hope you all have a great Saturday and weekend!! : )


  1. LOVE your purchases! I love ETSY! Sadly, I've never got anything from there. Maybe, I'll do some shopping today ;)

    Happy Saturday! xo Enjoy your visit with Grandma :)

  2. So I definitely just bought the same necklace -- what a DEAL! I'm really excited! Have a great weekend!
    <3 leigh

  3. Oh my goodness, you are so sweet! I am so happy you like it! I may just have to steal this picture! :) Thank you so much Jessica!

  4. So glad you found me. Love your site. What a beautiful necklace - isn't Etsy fantastic? It is God's gift to aspiring artists. Thank you for your support, we need it. :)

    [ Keep Calm & Blog On ] www.pinkmascaraa.blogspot.com xo

  5. i love that necklace! so unique.

  6. Oh my gosh, what a cute necklace! I adore Anna!


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