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Hello ladies! Today I'm linking up with
Michelle to share a little bit about my place on the map, my hometown, Buffalo, New York.

I was born and raised in Buffalo (and the surrounding suburbs) and I'm proud of it, dang it!! It's the second most populous city in New York and is located on the shores of Lake Erie.

Buffalo has a reputation for snowy winters, which we do have, but it's rarely the snowiest city in New York State (Syracuse has won the "Golden Snowball Award" the past eight years!), but we also have great Summer and Fall seasons. That's actually my favorite time of year... you'll find me at the beach, farmers markets, festivals.. I can't wait!! : )

We have thriving art community with studios and art galleries, most notably the Albright-Knox and Burchfield-Penney, homes to a world-class collection of modern and contemporary art.

The New York Times has stated that Buffalo is one of the top cities in America for architecture, with many sites included on the National Register of Historic Places.

We have a rich selection of restaurants... Anchor Bar, Pearl Street, Buffalo Chophouse, Chef's, Left Bank, E B Green's, Tempo, Cole's, Mothers, Betty's... I could go on and on. Beef on weck, chicken wings, fish fries, sponge candy, pastry hearts, and loganberry are local favorites, and are relatively obscure outside the WNY area.

OK, now I'm hungry....

and I'm almost done, I promise.

I know Buffalo catches a lot of slack, and probably seems boring to most, but it's a great place to live and I hope to raise a family here some day! I'm proud to be a Buffalonian!

OK, I'M DONE! Now head over to
Michelle's blog and show everyone where you live : )


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  1. i've never been, but it sounds lovely!! i really enjoy exploring new cities. being from texas, i'm sure the winters might be too much for me to handle!

  2. aw this is such a great post! i love getting to know a little bit more about where people live! i've only been to buffalo once, and it was a really quick trip mostly on the edge of the city, i'm defiantly interested in coming back again sometime now!

  3. I can't believe I still haven't made it NY. Buffalo sounds awesome. I'd love to see it someday.

    We have sponge candy too but we call it seafoam.

  4. Buffalo looks and sounds amazing. I so want to visit it right now and the food looks so yummy:) Happy Thursday, my dear

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Thanks so much for linking up with me :) Sadly, I live in NY and have never been to Buffalo. It looks beautiful! I love all of your pictures! Seriously, the buildings and architecture are amazing! You definitely make me want to visit! :) Thanks again so much for sharing! XOXO

  6. hey girl, thanks for the tour! i loved seeing your hometown through your eyes and have been wanting to pay Buffalo a visit for some time. one day i hope it'll happen. gosh, i'm hungry now too...gotta go nosh on something resembling that tasty sponge candy! ♥

  7. i love that you love where you live :) your photos are beautiful!

  8. What's funny is when I hear Buffalo, I only picture the airport and the outlets (and Target). I'm from Toronto so Buffalo is our closest place to do some US shopping. This post has made me realize there is more to Buffalo than outlet shopping.


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