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Hello and Happy Friday!!

I'm really excited (and proud!) to show you my first blog design for someone else! Lauren over at tickled asked me a few weeks back to help her give her blog a fresh new look. Boy, was I excited and honored that she asked me! Her blog is one of my daily reads and she's one of my new blogland besties! Her style and vision for the blog was simple and casual, definitely a girl after my own heart. It was such a treat to design this for her so make sure you check it out and let us know what you think!

Ok, now I'm off to run some errands. Have a wonderful weekend!
What is everyone up too?

PS: 4 days until my birthday! I like cupcakes, shoes and anything with sparkle! ;-)


  1. Wow! It looks amazing, Jessica! I love the banner so much :)

  2. Wow girl! It looks SO SO SO amazing! I just love it. You're so talented! Happy weekend (:

  3. It looks so good! Your blog looks amazing too! You're so talented!

  4. I love it ! You did an amazing job! xoxo

  5. I LOVE Lauren's new design! It was such a fun surprise to pop on over their and see the new & fresh look! Great job girl!

  6. Eeeek!!! Yay :) It looks so amazing!!! I have to go see now! Happy Weekend love xo

  7. What a gorgeous design you did for Lauren! I love all of the simple, clean lines and of course the creative fonts- I love all the different kinds of lettering you use in your own blog, too, especially since there are no serifs (I have a weird thing about serifs... but I digress.) Happy early birthday, and hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

  8. Wow this looks fabulous! I could definitely use a blog redesign!

    I'm hosting my very first giveaway. And it's a good one.
    Hope you'll check it out.

  9. It looks absolutely amazing!! You are definitely talented!!

  10. oh my word, it looks awesome!! you are seriously talented :)

  11. I was going to suggest you start blog designs:) Beautiful job my friend, and Lauren is awesome!

  12. Looks great! You're so talented!

  13. huzzah! job well done lades, i am floored and tremendously surprised. not that you did it, but that you do that. i didn't know you were into blog design, gonna check this out. i'm so inspired as i'm working on something for someone now too. my 1st and nerves indeed! cheers to this grand achievement. ♥


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