nice to meet you, cat


tell us about yourself...

Hi ya! My name is Cat and I blog over at
BrideBlu. I love animals but hate spiders {but can never bring myself to squish them when I find them in the house; so, instead, I trap them and let them go outside}. During the day, I work for the man ... in the retail world ... but happily moonlight as a blogger. I also dapple in jewelry making.


what is your favorite thing about blogging...

Meeting new people, hands down. I am amazed at the number of bloggers I have meet through my journey ... many of which I would call friends. The blogging world is one filled with much love, support, and amazingly talented women {and men!}. I am proud to be a part of such a powerful, inspiring community!

who are your favorite artists & designers?

A quick look through my blog and I think that it is fairly apparent that I feel a magnetic attraction to the independent/local artist community.
Etsy is an amazing world that I could get lost in for days! At one point in my life, I really, really, really wanted to be a fashion designer and still find myself drawn to this world as a spectator {primarily through my glossy addiction...Vouge, InStyle, Allure ... to name a few!}.

favorite food, movie, city, and store:

food :: my favorite guilty pleasure is candy ... with black licorice and taffy at the top of the list.
movie ::
I am all over a romantic comedy like white on rice ... if Vince Vaughn is in the line up, I am pretty much guaranteed to love it {I have a serious crush on Mr. Vaughn}. Though if I had to call out a single movie, I am going to go with
Along Came Polly {no Vince but the romantic comedy rings clear and true}
city ::
there is so much of this crazy, inspiring world that I have yet to see but drawing from my travels to date, I would have to say Cat Island, a small island in the Bahamas {not technically a city but a small enough island that it could be!}. Hubs and I went there for our honeymoon and I quickly realized that I have an "island girl" inside me just dying to get out. Maybe someday {fingers crossed!}

store ::
Sephora makes me a bit weak in the knees

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5 simple pleasures
watching birds visit our bird feeders
coffee {black}
a good game of Scrabble
practicing yoga
cuddling on the couch with the hubs

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one of your favorite summertime memories is...
Flea markets. Nothing beats spending a warm, summer day, strolling the grounds of a flea market. It is like a treasure hunt ... only no eye patches, parrots, or ratty treasure maps.

any advice for first time bloggers/business owners?
Be yourself. One of the greatest things that has happened to me {which was totally unexpected} was finding my voice through blogging. I have always been a bit on the introverted side but since blogging I have started to come out of my shell ... not only on my blog but in my "real life" too.
Creative Index Guest Post
Thank you Jessica for inviting me to join you today! I am so enamored by your sweet blog ... I feel over-the-moon honored to grace its lovely presence, if only for a post!


  1. what a sweet interview! love what she said about finding her voice.

  2. love this interview! and would LOVE to be in the Bahamas myself! :)
    xo::Lauren @ tickled.

  3. I love Vince Vaughn too. I can't explain it, but I particularly like when he wears Dockers ;)

  4. The Jewellery looks so cute! p.s come to my blog i have given you a award (:

  5. I agree! I love cuddling on the couch too!

  6. her jewelry is so so pretty!
    what a great post


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