So... I have some semi-big news...

... the Hubs will be going to Police Academy in August!! I'm so excited and proud of him! He's been wanting this for awhile, it's just bittersweet in a way... because Academy is in North Carolina and I'm staying here in Buffalo... at least for the next few weeks.

Now, I must get back to packing. (I'm moving back in with my Mom, until things get settled and we actually find a place down there! Any suggestions for cute areas to check out are definitely welcomed!!) Packing/moving in the stifling heat, really is the best!! :-/ Anyone wanna help?! ;-)

Blogging/commenting might be sporadic, so hang in there with me! Hope you all have a lovely Monday, and don't forget to enter the Tasteful Tatters GIVEAWAY!! :)

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  1. Congratulations and good luck to you both.

    It will be challenging time for you but also very special, I'm sure.

    I wish I could help you with the move and adjust but I'm too far away :).

    Take Care!

  2. So excited for Brandon and you. However when you eventually move... I will be sad :-( BUT looks like another place to visit and go on vacation!! :-)

  3. How exciting!! Congrats to hubs!

  4. how awesome, that is great.

    What part of N.C. is it at because I, in Fayetteville.

  5. Congrats to you and your Husband! North Carolina is beautiful. Actually I've never been, but I hear it is and I'd move there in a heartbeat! ;)

  6. oh wow where in NC? I grew up in Raleigh and went to UNC Chapel Hill. I am really familiar with the area so email me with questions!! Oh and my brother and sis in law are in Charlotte too. Good luck with the move Jessica.

  7. Congratulations to your hubby :)) and oh my goodness, your blog looks amazing! i love it. i wish i knew how to make it like this. Hopefully one day i will crack it lol. and agreed change is good for you, but only if its a good change :))

    I hope your having a lovely week !!

  8. That is really exciting Jess! congratulations! I am slow to change but it always ends up being a good thing!

  9. This is so exciting! Congratulations to him -- that's fantastic!
    xo Josie

  10. Congratulations to both of you! xoxo

  11. wow Jessica, this is BIG news. it's a wonderful thing to see your mate meet his destiny and back him up so strong, like you are. best wishes and successful moves. can't wait to see where you'll be located, this is exciting stuff. my bestie travels to NC several times a year and raves about it, you'll love it lades!!! xoox ♥


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