fancy balloons

I'm completely smitten with Geronimo balloons. Giant, perfectly round and decorated with glittery streamers and ribbon, each balloon becomes its own work of art.

Seriously, wouldn't it make you so happy to receive one of these for your birthday or anniversary? I think I would die from happiness!

Unique, memorable and quite magical. Yes, I am in L-O-V-E.

Oh, and check out this cute video to see how it all got started...

PS: Today's the last day to enter the Tasteful Tatters GIVEAWAY!!!

(images + video via geronimo)


  1. What fun balloons! These would be great for parties! Happy Wednesday! *carrie

  2. I just love these balloons! Love that they make such a pretty statement.

  3. I still think that Balloons are the best gift to receive or offer.

    These are just too dream inducing.

    Thank you for sharing!

  4. These are so fun! I love the streamers!

  5. so perfect!! i love the streamers.

  6. Love the photography and balloons.

  7. So cute and so fun!

  8. oh wow those are cute. must bookmark page!

    thanks for sharing! by the way, i love your blog. thanks for stopping by mine! :)

  10. This shoot is just too pretty! Wow! Confetti system AND giant balloons? Love!

  11. loooooving these right now, hefty price but totally worth it, i could just see a disaster if i tried to make some my own.


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