artist love: jaakko mattila

I just recently stumbled across the amazing work of Finnish artist Jaakko Mattila, and I CANNOT stop looking at it! The simplicity, the colors, the abstract compositions... I love it all. Seriously, this may just be my favorite artist feature to date!

Dude's got skillz! :) You can see more awesomeness here.

(image via Jaakko Mattila)


  1. mesmerized. love it & may have to share it for my next artist focus.

  2. Very pretty. That top is my fave. Like willy wonka, or flowers.

  3. they kind of remind me of your gorgeous blog header!! hmm, no wonder you like them ;)

    Sam @ fitness food & faith

  4. so pretty Jessica. Hope your move went well and you are settling in!

  5. love! the colors are absolutely beautiful!

  6. His work is really amazing. I made a post about him earlier this month and we even used the same word to describe his work: "awesomeness".

    Camila Faria

  7. Eeeek! I love :) Perfect for a new house, no? hehe xo


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