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Hello + Happy Friday, friends! The weekend is upon us and I for one am excited!! Tonight, we're going to see my cousin's band play at the beach club, and then we have family parties both Saturday and Sunday! We're busy little bee's this weekend! ;)

What are your plans? Are you in-store for a fun-filled or low-key weekend? And as always, how about a few links from around the web...

Kids clothing that has ADORABLE written on every piece.

7 signs you need a vacay.

LOVE this "Oh S#*!" eraser iphone case.

How many of these candy bars can you identify?

A guide to hanging curtain panels.

Amplify your eyes.

Cool off with a sweet treat.

Tips for moving
long distances.

Creative ways to use pizza dough.

Have a good one, my sweet friends! xo

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  1. Happy Friday! I hope you have a great weekend. I started off my weekend today by kicking it off with a massage and then I watched a marathon of Teen Wolf. Tomorrow I have a pool party to go to and then Sunday is my friend's Beauty Board. And then to top it off, I have Monday off.

    Great links by the way, I enjoyed the vacay and candy bar one.

  2. i love your link list...always the funnest things! have a wonderful weekend my love :)

  3. kickin' your weekend off with a concert sounds perfect Jessica! you sure do have a party planned rest of the days too, how fun! we're having a somewhat laid back time, it's been rather hectic lately so we grab quiet moments as soon as they pop up ; )

    more link up anticipation looming, the candy bar line up is fantastic and i definitely pass the "need to take a holiday" test. plus those cats in the one pic are radness!!! cheers to many wonderfuls ahead. ♥

  4. Thanks for the awesome round up of links! I love the 5 ways to use pizza dough! And I needed some curtain rod guidelines!

  5. I desperately want a candy bar.


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