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Happy Monday! Here are a few random snapshots that made me smile this week:

Sipping coffee out of my new fave mug! HM is official now! ;) // My sweet pooch always makes my heart melt. // The beautiful sunsets we've been having. // Mmmmm... Chicken Teriyaki // A very determined cat! She wants lunch! // Photoshoot with the Hubs! // Amazing new necklace from F21! // A good reminder! :)

So what have you been up to? What's made you smile this week? Do tell.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

PS: I'm also over at Habibi sharing a super easy, cheesecake inspired recipe! You don't want to miss this one...
it's a huge family hit! :)


  1. yay hm mug! :-)

    I'm heading over to habibi's blog now! that cheesecake was so good!

  2. Your choices made me smile, the reminiscences of the holidays (Christmas was over and out during this weekend - hard to say goodbye but at the same time so nice to have home back ahahah), the cat waiting for his sushi made me laugh.

    Wishing you a Happy Week, Habibti!

  3. Love it! I have that forever 21 necklace too... it's a good one!

  4. Don't you just love instagram? So glad you're on there. ummmmm I WANT that necklace! I can't believe it's f21.

  5. Sweet - and the mug is super! :-)

  6. Wow, I love that necklace! I don't buy jewelry because I make it, but this piece made me rethink my policy for a second, there. :)

    What have I been up to? Lots of beading, but resting today. I still haven't gotten over my cold -- a sign that I'm working to hard.

    Happy Monday!

    -- Sarah

  7. What a cute mug! :)
    A hello Monday, it was. :)
    Love, Leigh

  8. nice shots! i love that one of your kitty :) reminds me of my own curious ones :) XO brynn

  9. Love your mug! And that chicken teriyaki looks delish! Off to check out you guest post. :)

  10. LOVE the mug! where did you order that?
    love that you bought that f21 necklace. we are twins now! ;)

  11. Your mug is amazing!
    I am on Instagram too, follow me :)


  12. That is one pretty blue necklace!


  13. HUGE intagram fan! I think I follow you already but I'm going to double check (: Happy Tuesday, friend!

  14. I just got an iphone a couple of months ago, found Instagram, and instantly fell in love. :) It's awesome!

  15. I can't wait to make the cheescake recipe. omg. I need it in my life.

  16. Cannot believe that necklace is from F21!! Amazing purchase :) Thanks for the follow - glad to now follow you! Have a great night!

  17. Aw your cat is adorable! Looks like a great weekend. Love the quote as well.

  18. Love that blue necklace! Yay for Forever 21!:)

  19. I didn't know you had so many pets. We need to see more of them I think!


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