// We discovered the cutest little frozen yogurt shop. Doesn't it have the cutest entrance?!

// I don't think I've ever met a cupcake I didn't like! ;) These were super tasty and they've even competed on Cupcake Wars!

// My first attempt at an outfit post. It didn't go so well.... I felt so awkward and the Hubby isn't the best photographer. This was the only photo that was somewhat acceptable. :-/

// Brandon's turn.... He thinks he's a model. Such a ham! haha

// Anniversary dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Love that place!!

// The beach... and Bosco.... Two of my favorite things! (and they always make an appearance on my Instagram feed!)

// A quick stop at Trader Joe's to pick up the essentials! ;)

Nothing to exciting this week.... except for celebrating 3 years of marriage!! Woo Hoo! :)

What have you been up too?
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  1. Oh, my, look at that pup's face. love it.
    {found you through the instagrid over at & everything nice}

  2. I love your outfit post! :) ... and cupcakes

  3. Discovering new shops is the best. These pictures are so fun. A cupcake always makes everything look good =)

    - Sarah

  4. Ah frozen yogurt, cupcakes, now I'm craving both!

  5. Cupcakes are so my thing! Love your pics.

  6. love this post....hmmm...lately.....

  7. happy anniversary!! looks like a fun week at pictures...we are at the beach now....perfect!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  8. I am going to be in California tomorrow and I can't wait to go to Trader Joe's. <-- I live in Canada so going to trader joe's in exciting.

  9. i think you're outfit is beautiful!! You should keep doing them! : )

  10. Don't you love discovering little yogurt shops? Well happy anniversary to you two! Cheers to many more happy years!!

  11. Your site looks great Jessica and love the outfit in there :)

  12. any outfit post thats not in a dingy hallway mirror i count as a success and i LOOOOVE your skirt and necklace!

    that beach is heavenly! as are most beaches!


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