feelin' a little blue...

navy color crush
... navy blue, that is. :)

I've always gravitated towards navy. Much like black, it's classic and timeless. I love it paired with white and gray, but it also works well with coral, pink, yellow, even green. I seriously need to get my hands on that necklace and those skinny cords! ;)

How do you feel about navy? What's your latest color crush?

go shopping: necklace // iphone case // tee // scarf // skinnies // polish // socks // heels


  1. Purple!
    I think I' going to dress some accents in purple on the next Season.
    I Love Navy.Like to think of it as the new Black ahahaha
    Have a Nice and Awesome Week.

  2. Navy is one of my faves! Really love that tee and that Essie shade.

  3. Ha ha! If that is feeling blue, count me in.

    Right now I'm loving neon yellow colors. I find them kinda ugly pretty,if you know what I mean. I think I must be holding onto the last bit of summer...

  4. I've never really been drawn to navy, but everything you have here I love so...I might be buying some navy soon ;) That tee is especially great. Lately I've been drawn to all different shades of yellow.

  5. I love navy, this shade is definitely on my list for fall in addition to burgundy and dark green. Great picks!

  6. I love this color too! That Tory Burch cell phone case is adorable! Great picks!

  7. I really loving navy blue too but also burgundy for the fall.

  8. love this color! now that I see this collage I think I could wear it head to toe, haha!

  9. Navy truly is my favorite color this season, everything I buy is Navy lately, and then I get worried because I want to wear jeans! I just love it. These picks are excellent, all so classy and chic.

  10. I have way too much navy going on in my closet, but I can't help myself! It's such a versatile color!


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