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Nothing says Autumn like the crisp air and sweet smell of apple cider. Mmmmmmmm... I have a warm cup in hand right now! :)

I haven't done much baking with apples yet, so I'm hoping to get into the kitchen this weekend... and those caramel apple cookies are first on my list to make! Don't they look yummy?!

It's time to start enjoying this classic Fall fruit!

spiked floats | doughnuts | cookies | trifle minis | crumble bars


  1. These all sound amazing! I'll be making the caramel apple cookies this weekend

  2. I'm partial to triffle but since you're making those A-mazing caramel apple cookies I could probably rethink my triffle undying love ahahahahah.
    Lovely ideas. I love Autumn and I love the smell of apples in the kitchen and pantry...

  3. Thank you for rounding up so many awesome goodies! Would love to try a few:)

  4. this image is amazing! i am definitely going to try the pumpkin donuts..just need to grab a donut pan from williams-sonoma this weekend! xo

  5. The pics makes me drool - I love anything with apple in them!

  6. Those caramel apple trifles look so freakin' good!

  7. Loving all of these...and I'm so hungry now! The doughnuts are calling my name.

  8. I love baking with apples!! My favorite fall-apple dish is Apple cranberry crumble :) It's amazing. Enjoy your Autumn baking!!

  9. So far I've made pumpkin cookies, but I'm looking for more things to make. Those cider donuts look pretty nice. I may have to give that one a try ;)

    - Sarah

  10. Is it bad that I want to make all of I actually made the caramel apple cookies about two weeks ago, so looks like I only have four new things to make. Hope you have a fabulous weekend. xo

  11. Mmm... I can't decide if the donuts or crumble bars look better. :)

  12. Oh my word I want to try all of these! They look so good. Thanks for your comment on my blog - love yours!



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