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These charming little creatures are designed and made with love by Melissa Lowry, the skilled hands at Milo & Ben. While browsing Etsy one night, she came across something that was needle felted and was immediately intrigued.

"It caught my attention because it's almost like sculpting and it requires a lot of precision and detail. I immediately ordered some supplies and waited (impatiently!) for them. That night I made my first owl and loved it."

These would bring so much happiness to any room, sitting on a shelf or on a side table next to a stack of books. And I love how each character has their very own personality. Gus and his chubby cheeks immediately stole my heart.

Cute and lovable for everyone! Make sure to stop by Milo & Ben and check out this cuteness for yourself!

Images via Milo & Ben


  1. so cute!!!
    love it
    kisses from milano

  2. Those chubby penguin cheeks are just adorable!

  3. Hahah I'm so in love! Penguin decorations are like my favorite part of winter. Don't think I'm crazy! ;)

  4. I like the bride and groom. Wouldn't look lovely as a cake topper on a Christmas Wedding? Think so too :)
    Thank you for sharing! Going to check their ETSY :)

  5. Those are the cutest critters ever!

  6. Too freaking cute!! Thanks for sharing. Also, I can't remember my password to my foodforthefresh email (eek!), but just wanted to make sure that you got the giveaway package! Sorry it took so long!!


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