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Any fun plans for the weekend? We were going to head up to the beach, but the Husband picked up some overtime shifts, so I'm not really sure what our plans are. :-/ Hopefully we can still get out and do something, but if not, I might attempt that pretty mason jar DIY... or work on some design projects! I'm working on 2 new blog designs and I can't wait to share! :)

How about some links, if you feel like browsing this weekend...

+ Kind of in love with this striped dress.
+ Did somebody say chocolate cake?
+ DIY to try: Colored Mason Jars
+ How to juice without a juicer!
+ Obsessed with these watercolor paintings
+ I love coffee mugs and type and these mugs are pretty perfect.
+ Intrigued by edible flowers.
+ How to wear a t-shirt and still look stylish.
+ Can't wait for my latest Etsy purchase (necklace) to arrive!
+ Pretty Summer hair ideas.

In case you missed it:
+ A Mother's Day gift roundup, if you still need some ideas.
+ Create: Painted (clay) diamond earrings.

Make sure to check in next week! I have some fun things planned to celebrate 3 years of blogging!! :)


  1. the typographer mugs are great!! those edible flowers look too pretty to eat :)

    have a great weekend!

  2. i'm diggin the colored mason jars!

  3. My hubby is working shift this weekend too...have a lovely time whatever you do! Looking forward to your blog birthday posts!

  4. great links... hope you had a nice weekend!

  5. Those colored mason jars look great. I feel like you can never have too many jars. =)


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