Sweater Weather

sweater weather

Last week we had quite a few days of rainy, crisp weather and it totally got me in the Fall mode. Is there anything better than a comfy oversized sweater to bundle up in over the cooler months? Maybe when you have a cup of hot cider and slice of pumpkin pie and are all nice and cozy on the couch in that oversized sweater! ;) I'm hoping to scoop up a few new sweaters and these ones are at the top of my list. If you had to pick, which is your favorite?

1. Jacquard Wrap-Around Cardigan
2. Melange Sweatshirt
3. Two-Tone Oversized V-Neck
4. Sequin Dusted Sweater


  1. You know, I've never tried to pull off the oversized sweater look, but I love that look! Number two is definitely my favorite!

  2. Number 2 is probably my favorite, but I'm loving them all.
    Living in South Texas, I haven't been able to pull out my sweaters yet, sadly, but hopefully we'll get some cooler weather soon.
    Thanks for sharing!

    With much love, Rebekah

  3. Oversized sweaters are a autumn must have. I would probably go for 2 and 4!

  4. Love love these picks, Jess! I can't wait to bring out all of my sweaters! yay!!

  5. Ohhhh, number 4 needs to find it's way to my closet, ASAP!

  6. I haven't always been a sweater person but the older I get is the more I enjoy getting cozy with a sweater. The first is my favorite of your picks! Great choices. :)

  7. those look so cozy!! i like number 1 & 2 the most :)


  8. Oh my, these look so warm and cozy! I've been in a mood lately where I just want to keep getting cozy clothes! I especially like #4.

  9. i love that it's sweater weather and when piri cuddles it's not as hot anymore :)

  10. Oh, I was going to use that #1 Zara sweater on my Casual Monday post yesterday! I just love it! Yes, to all the oversized comfy sweaters I'm going to get to wear when the temps start dropping - right now, it's still way too hot to wear anything this cute! Love your picks, Jessica!


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