A Thanksgiving Feast

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It’s so hard to believe that Thanksgiving will be here next week! I'm not exactly sure what I'm making, because it's just the 2 of us... and Bosco of course! Plus Brandon has to work, so we'll be keeping it very low key and simple! One of these years I'll get to cook a big feast and have family over, but until then, I'll just drool over these recipes and everyone elses dinner when they post them on instagram. ;)

Roasted Brussels Sprouts // Butternut Squash // Maple Acorn Squash
Accordion Potatoes // Herb Stuffing // Quinoa Salad
Cranberry Sauce // Roasted Cauliflower // Chocolate Pecan Pie
Pomegranate Margaritas // Apple Pie Bars // Pumpkin Dream Cake

What's your favorite Thanksgiving dish?


  1. Gosh, these look and sound so delicious (quite perfectly timed, so hungry right now) I don't celebrate Thanksgiving but looking at all the food is great! :)

  2. These look fantastic! Last year I made Thanksgiving dinner for just me and my boyfriend - it ended up being such a fun day of cooking and bonding. Your recipes look fantastic. Just one piece of advice - keep at least half of your recipes low fat or 'light'. I went over the top and tried to make every dish gourmet and decadent and we essentially couldn't move for hours after.

    I hope you have a wonderful day together!

    xo Rachel

  3. Can I eat all of these please? They look amazing! I'm a sucker for stuffing, so that one up there is calling my name. Last year, I made a chocolate bourbon pecan pie for the first time & it was incredible! So that one will definitely be make this week. Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving! Mine will be loud, but your quiet one sounds so good, too. :)

  4. these look delicious! we're keeping it low key too this year! but hopefully one day i'll have a feast just preparing for a feast! :)

  5. Everything looks so good, especially the maple acorn squash! Happy early Thanksgiving!

  6. We don't do Thanksgiving here in the UK of course, but I can still eat all this right? ;)

    mmm pomegranate margaritas!



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