wanted : random, fall-ish things


For the past week or so, the nights/mornings have been so chilly! We went from Summer to Winter in a week and boy is it a shock to the system! I wish I was wrapped up, all comfy cozy with that blanket, but nope... I've got this years Holiday tags too work on! ;)

So I leave you with a little wish list of things that have been catching my eye lately... just some random, fall-ish things.

+ Flatware // Throw // Sweatshirt
+ Pitcher // Scarf // Candle
+ Basket // Tote // Lamp

What are some things you're eyeing up?

PS: There's a giveaway going on to win some shop goodies! And btw, I'm loving the answers to the Holiday questions.... they are really getting me in the Christmas spirit! Bring on the sugar cookies ;)


  1. The pitcher is gorgeous! x


  2. That sweatshirt could mean two things: 1) Stay positive in general or 2) stay positive through this cold weather we're all about to get! Hahaha! I love that sweatshirt for that reason alone and oh, that tote is super cute! Great picks, love!

    1. i love your thinking! haha i'm leaning toward the second one... we're all gonna need a reminder to be positive once the winter blues set in!

  3. I just bought a similar lamp from Ikea, you would love it!

    1. yeah, this ones a little pricey.... i can dream though! haha
      thanks for the heads up! i'll have to check it out!

  4. Oh what a lovely selection of pretty things! I love the throw and the scarf - they both look so cosy! The weather in the UK has been pretty OK lately and it was still quite warm a couple of weeks ago, which was unheard of! But I think it's time to start wrapping up warm and brace the colder weather... I don't mind, as long as I've got all the warm and cosy bits! Oh, and a cup of hot chocolate in hand! x

  5. I LOVE that scarf. Right now I am into decorating everything in my apartment. Since I was forced to take most of the Halloween stuff down (some of it stays up, mwahaha), I am now trying to make it cozier. I am all about this time of year. :)


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