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A little bit of my life lately…

So life has been pretty boring since we got back from Charleston. Brandon's been working a lot! And when I say a lot, I mean it. He's been going to trainings and picking up overtime, which is good for the bank account, but it can be difficult at times. It gets lonely when you really don't have any one else around. But when he is home, we're trying to enjoy as much time outside! We've been walking this nature trail that's close to the house and we've also gone up to the beach to walk along the water. It's actually really nice, now that the tourists have left! ;)

Speaking of work, I've also been keeping busy with the print shop and the 2014 Holiday tags! See that mug up there? It's one of my new faves! The crazy dog lady mug is my other favorite, because I am one! haha! Several new prints/colors have been added, and I'm hoping to add a few more over the coming weeks! So make sure you're following along for shop promos and the release of the Holiday tags!

My little sidekick. He's getting older, but thank goodness he's still pretty healthy. We've had some minor issues (nothing to serious), but my bloggy friend Jane and her pup Piri got some bad news recently. Piri was recently diagnosed with kidney disease :( My heart just breaks for them. (read more about Piri here) They have good days and bad ones and by folding these little paper cranes, we're hoping to lift their spirits and send them healing vibes! We have a few more to fold and then we're sending them your way! Sidenote: It's really nice to step away from the computer/phone screen and do something creative! We should all try it more!

Donuts! Delicious donuts! I'm posting this pic because, one, I really like it. And two, apparently so do all my Instagram followers! (I'm pretty sure it's my most liked photo!) It got me thinking though about how instagram works. Now, I don't post pics for likes. I post a snapshot of a moment... the good, the bad and even the silly. I post pics so I can remember little snippets of life. It's just funny to see which photos other people "like" because I've posted more inspiring/meaning pics and they get half the numbers. I like a "pretty" photo as much as the next person, we just have to remember there's messy homes and chaotic times behind those "perfect" moments.

So tell me, what have you been up to lately?


  1. love your little moments! and thank you so so much for the cranes!! you and bosco are too sweet! piri says thank you!!! :D

  2. Your dog is so cute! Love your mug and I overindulge on miniatures all the time. HaHaHa I love sprinkled donuts. Just looking at them makes me happy.

    1. I overindulge in donuts! haha They're my weakness... and so are cupcakes/brownies... really anything sweet! haha

  3. what a nice walk path you have there. and i love that mug

  4. I love your nail color!!! I know what you mean about having a busy SO. My husband and I are both busy so it's important for us to schedule time together. Such cute photos and I'm glad the print shop is going well!

  5. Oh, fantastic shots! I love the first and last photos specially. Donuts make it really hard on me to keep a strict diet. =D

  6. I absolutely love these pictures!! Yay donut sprinkles!!


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