2015 Printable Holiday Tags

Free Printable Holiday Gift Tags by Creative Index

Hello there! I know things have been pretty quiet around here... I'm happy to be back, sharing this years set of FREE printable gift tags! Since it's almost time to start wrapping, how about a little help to make your gifts a little more festive!

The tags are available in 3 color options.... because it's good to have options! ;)

Free Printable Holiday Gift Tags by Creative Index
Free Printable Holiday Gift Tags by Creative Index
Free Printable Holiday Gift Tags by Creative Index
Free Printable Holiday Gift Tags by Creative Index
Free Printable Holiday Gift Tags by Creative Index

If you like simple, modern design - the black set is for you! Or if you want to use a fun metallic or kraft paper that you find at the craft store, use the plain black set! Sugarplum is both bright and merry! This set is perfect for kids (or kids-at-heart) who love the bright, cheerful side of Christmas! And of course, there's black & gold! The most popular set the past 2 years!

- - UPDATED NOV 2018 - -
THANK YOU to everyone one who spread the word about these little tags!
Things have changed over the years and I have a new blog/shop! So if you're looking for this freebie,
please visit my new website, Union Shore for the links and NEW tags!

If you use them, snap and share on instagram! Make sure to tag me @unionshore, so I can see!! Enjoy and happy wrapping! xoxo

- - -

Free for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Printables cannot be used for commercial use or edited and redistributed. Feel free to share this printable on your blog or social media, but please give credit and link directly to this post and NOT the downloadable file. Print results may vary depending on your printer and type of paper being used. If you have any issues/questions, please contact me. Thanks! :)


  1. love! i'll definitely be using them again. thank you so so much! :)

  2. So pretty! I'm going to be on the lookout for cute wrapping paper to go with one of these (or maybe both, why choose?) Pinned!

  3. Hello. I love these tags and I loved the ones from last year as well but I have a question : how do you print the gold and silver tones?

    1. That's a great question! It really just depends on your printer and the paper you use!! You aren't going to get true gold/silver/metallic foil coming from an inkjet printer, but I tried to make them as close as possible. I have a pretty good Epson photo printer and when I use a cardstock, the colors are a bit more muted... when I use a good photo paper the color are a little more true and vibrant! Hope that helps!! :)


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