Yep... I'm Still Here!

Hello out there!! It’s been a little while, right? Yeah, I popped in a few times last month to share some free printables, but other than that, this blog pretty much just sat here collecting dust last year. It really makes me sad that I just let it go. :(

I'm not exactly sure why I fell off the wagon, but I did.

What started as a little break, turned into a very long hiatus! There were a few times I wanted to start back up, but life just happens and excuses are made and blogging just keeps getting pushed farther and farther down the list. Plus, I noticed more and more blogs popping up! Everyone and their mother had a blog - more blogs meant more people creating amazing content and having more interesting things to say. It's hard to keep up - I live a pretty boring life over here!! Not to mention, it's so much easier to snap a pic on Instagram than to do an entire blog post sometimes....

Not only do I hate that I stopping blogging.... I stopped reading/visiting many of yours. I'm sorry I've been such a bad blog friend! :(

So here's to getting this blog back on track! Yeah, I know we're already almost 1 month down and this is my first post, but I promise to make an effort!

Fingers crossed!! :)


  1. I'm so with you!! I've been taking a long break from posting in my blog as well, and it's so much faster and easier to post on Instagram!

    1. Getting back into the groove is hard... we'll see how it goes!!

  2. Hey Jess! I have a few friends who took a pause in 2015. I think maybe it was time. Many of them had been blogging way before me and that's a lot of creative energy going out into the world every day/week/month, that sometimes you just need a break! I love following you on instagram and think of it as an extension of your blog with mini posts. xo

  3. Love, sometimes it's okay to take a break. That doesn't make you a bad blog friend. You don't need a reason just because you were in a season. Don't let what others do make you feel any less special. Yes, lots of blogs are popping up, but the majority of them are all cookie-cutter blogs that are just trying to make it in this world. You're different. It's why I kept reading your blog in the first place! I'm thinking of taking a hiatus myself and probably posting twice a month instead twice a week. Not sure yet. I can't wait to see what you have coming up! xo


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