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As you may have noticed (or maybe not!), I've fallen off the blogging bandwagon again. Kind of on purpose and kind of not.... life hasn't been super busy, just a little different. Brandon has a new work schedule that we're trying to get used to and I'm trying (very slowly) to re-brand this blog and my shop... so I just haven't felt like blogging here. But I wanted to pop in and say hello... and share some photos that didn't make it to instagram... ;)

 life lately | creative index blog

Bosco had a bath and vet visit in the same week, so he wasn't that happy with me. I made sure to give him lots of extra treats and neck scratches! He also has a slight eye issue (we need to go back in a few weeks), so prayers and good vibes are appreciated!

We have a bunny family that lives under our shed. I love when they come out to say hello!

We were looking at a new house to rent, but someone beat us too it. :-/

We're also enjoying beach days, BBQ's, trips to the farmers market and lots of ice cream!

And we're anxiously waiting for our trip back to Buffalo next week! :)

Hope you've all been well!
What have you been up too? Got any exciting Summer plans?


  1. Hey! I love posts like this. Beach days, BBQ and farmers markets for the win. I've had a lake trip recently and have more to come. Pretty low-key here.

  2. Bosco looks so happy in the tub! I wish Dax looked that cute during bath time. I'm literally in the tub, clothes and all trying to keep him calm. lol :-)

    Thumbs down on the apartment situation, hopefully another will pop up soon for you guys.


  3. Oh I hope everything is ok with Bosco's eye!!

  4. We're also experiencing some eye trouble with Louie. She's having sinus congestion and instead of it going out through the nose, it's coming out from her eyes and so she has these tear stains. TMI? Haha, sorry! Anyway, hope Bosco's all better now :)


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