hooray for the weekend!


Happy Friday, lovelies and welcome to the weekend!! What are everyone's plans for the weekend? I'm planning on lots of relaxation and time with the fam, and a much needed lunch date with my BFF Kristen on Saturday! :-)

Hope you all have a great weekend! Wishing all of the father's in your lives a very Happy Father's Day!

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P to the S: I'm over at Memory Bean Designs sharing a round-up of my favorite beach inspired Etsy finds.
So hop on over, check it out and say hello! :-)

AND if you missed my
Summer Lovin' post from earlier this week, make sure you stop by
Candice's adorable blog,
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  1. Yes - hooray indeed, I SO needed Friday today! :-)

    I´m not having too many plans, some garden work and such. Feels good to have most of the weekend open. :-)

    Happy Friday! :-)

  2. I think this just made me need Ice cream right now!

  3. I am taking the dog to the vet, visiting my dad and going to church :)

    Have a good weekend!

  4. Finally weekend!! I have a bachelor party tomorrow, and Sunday will go to dad.

    Have a great weekend Jessica!

  5. My plans consist of... Lunch with you on saturday :-) YAY CANNOT WAIT!! :-) and then seafood feast sat night with my lover bug :-P I know the seafood thing is probably grossing you out(especially remembering Evan, myself and Brandon chow down on crab legs on new years), but I am beyond excited for it. lol :-)

  6. Oooo I want that soft serve! Yum-O! Have a great weekend!

  7. Fun photo, and ironically I can use it to describe my day, lol!

    Went home to hang with the family for Fathers Day... the men spent the afternoon in the gazeebo playing cards and drinking beer while the women and kids went into town to stroll and eat ice cream cones.

    Have a great Sunday with your BFF, I'm off to check out her blog now :)

  8. That ice cream looks so yummy right now, but its cold for that over here atm. Dont want to get sick again lol. Not much on the weekend, just went iceskating last night but thats about it. Hope your weekend is wonderful :)


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