you will forever live in my heart


Lord, I thank you for my father. He was such a blessing to me while he was still with us. Even though its been almost 11 years, I still miss him so very much. I thank you Lord, for what he left me as gifts of love and faith. I pray that he has enjoyed your embrace and that the relationship he and I had might someday be renewed with you in heaven. Until then, I entrust him to your love and ask you to let him look out for me and to assist me to stay on the path to you.

Dad, I love you and miss you so much! You will forever live in my heart! Happy Father's Day!

♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Lovely tribute and I´m sorry for your loss.

  2. Such a touching post, Sorry love. Beautiful, and i'm sure he's smiling down upon you :)

  3. aww, jess. your post brought tears to my eyes. your father was a handsome man (just as your mother is gorgeous) - it's no wonder you and your sister are so beautiful. i hope you had a lovely day today with family. hugs and kisses to you all. ~D

  4. This choked me up real good. You are such an amazing young woman, with drive and ambition and beauty! Your dad I am sure is looking down on you everyday and smiling...

    <3 hugs <3

  5. This is so amazing. I'm sure he is watching over you every day, and is exceptionally proud that he has such an amazing daughter :)


  6. Jess,
    What a beautiful post. I know he hears it. I can only imagine how proud he is that you have such a faith filled heart. Hugs to you!

  7. this was so sweet. I lost my dad when I was young too, so I can relate. happy fathers day to both of them. xoxo

  8. Beautiful photo. I'm sorry he's not physically here with you anymore, but I know he'd be proud!


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