nice to meet you, anna


tell us about yourself...

I am a mother of two squishy cheeked precious babes, a graphic designer, entrepreneur/business owner, and an
artist at heart!

who are your favorite artists & designers?

Hmmm lets see....
artists: Flapperdoodle, Simply Hue, Nan Lawson, etc. etc.
music: Ingrid Michaelson, Adele, Lady Antebellum, etc.
fashion: Kate Spade!


favorite food, movie, city, and store:

food :: My mom's chicken paprika, ice cream and french fries (of course), and my grandma's Spanish cooking.
movie ::
Return to Me and The Bourne Trilogy

city ::
Asissi, Italy (little heaven on earth), Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (our honeymoon spot), and Atlanta, GA (where we started our family).

store ::
Anthropologie and H&M

5 simple pleasures
My children's smiles.
Date nights with my Hubs.
The sound of morning.
The smell of summer


one of your favorite summertime memories is...
My cousins, my sisters, and I would spend summer days together and the days seemed forever long. I loved that. I have some great memories with them at the beach, by the pool, shooting off fireworks... I miss those days!

one thing you may not know about me is...
I LOVE to dance.... and sing (mostly in the car ;)) Dance parties are a regular occurrence in our house! I also am addicted to shows like SYTYCD and The Voice!


any advice for first time bloggers/business owners?
Be consistent, Be unique, and set small goals. When you create your own style and work hard to stick to your small goals, you will be tackling big ones before your know it!


Thank you so much Anna for being a guest here, and for sharing a little more about yourself with us! You are such an inspiration!! xo

If you haven't seen her fabulous blog or shop, you are missing out! Head on over... NOW!


  1. Nice profile - and I really like that bag! :-)

  2. The bag is amazing.

  3. So cute! I love to dance too! So does my boyfriend. Its a happy thing!

  4. I love Anna! It was so great to learn more about her!
    <3 leigh

  5. love the bag and camera! And Anna is so sweet, love her blog.


  6. Thanks again for having me Jessica! I just love you and your blog! Will make sure and link to the post tomorrow!

  7. this sounds like my kind of girl I am off to say my hellos :)

  8. Oh we'd be friends =) i'm a car singer/screamer <3

    So nice to meet you! def have to go check out your blog anna!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  9. Love her blog. I remember when summer days seemed so long and full of otter pops. I miss those days.

  10. Great guest post! Love all the gold! :)

  11. this is great! i love learning more things about Anna. she's the sweetest. and glad i've found your blog!!

  12. Great post! I love Anna's blog - and love that she put margaritas as a simple pleasure! My kind of thinking! Happy Friday! * Carrie

  13. Loved this interview and learning more tidbits about the lovely and talented Anna! A must read everyday!!
    She's the most down to earth ever!!

    Checking out the rest of your blog ;)

    Have a great weekend!

  14. ice cream and french fries! my faves too!

    love learning about other bloggers!

  15. you girls together = one big HUZZAH! Anna, when you said Kate Spade was your fave fashion icon my 1st thought was it's kind of how i see your space and brand. the reflection of her inspirations is felt throughout and now i know why. your mix of graphic elements, accessories, personal style and talent is so on par with the great Kate.

    i've loved learning more about your passions and interests. SYTYCD is our all-time most watched show....if you could hear me now i'd do the MM hot tamale train "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" for you! xo, just fab...totally FAB! ♥

  16. Love Anna, she is beautiful inside and out. Such a great guest post and series!! xo

  17. I love Anna's blog! Great idea for a post! XXX

  18. Yay Anna, she is totally awesome, ya!!

  19. love this post! and Anna, shes so sweet!!

  20. This is a lovely interview. Anna has a wonderful blog and she has lots to share!

    Cheers! Rambles with Reese


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