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Hooray for Friday!!
The past few days have been HOT! Like 100+ degrees. And I for one, am not a fan. I'll take a 75 degree day, any day!

To help beat the heat (and satisfy my sweet tooth!), these are just a few recipes I'm hoping to try soon.
Don't they look yummy? And refreshing!!

Have a wonderful weekend! xo

1. raspberry cherry yogurt pops // 2.berry cheesecake ice cream // 3. peach ice cream // 4. blood orange creamsicles // 5. mini drumsticks


  1. Hooray for Fridays with Jessica :love:

    Love your choices. You certainly make Summer happier and funnier.

    Enjoy your weekend,


  2. These treats all look so refreshing! The raspberry & cherry yogurt pops have been on my list to try for a while now ;)

  3. I'm sitting at my computer right now sweating like no lady should be sweating... these treats seem like the PERFECT antidote!! YUM!
    Here's to 75 degree weather!

  4. Yea! You're back!!!
    I agree Hooray for Fun Friday Finds with Jessica!

  5. Oh sweet Jessica! How I've missed your space! These treats look amazing! Especially the cherry yogurt pops! Wow! I must figure out how to make those..

    Anyway..Hope you've been good :-)


    PS. So do you remember a while ago you said you'd be up for me guest posting on your blog..mooooonths ago? WOW! So I'm still super intimidated by the thought. Sooooo intimidated! lol For real! This place is dreamy! I don't want to mess it up with my garish post. But I appreciate the thought tons! You're a peach!

  6. PPS if you ever want to guest post on my space let me know! It'd be amazing!NO pressure.

  7. Yummmm. So, we're on day 15 of consecutive days of 100 degrees or higher and on our way to break a record which is 22 days currently. FML! I hate this place. ugh.

  8. It definitely has not been a hundred degrees here - in fact, I wore a jacket just last weekend - but I could still go for any of these treats right now. Especially peach ice cream. It sounds divine!


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